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How much does a Blue Whale weigh?

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The Blue Whale is the largest animal that lives on this planet and is on average about 25 meters long and weighs about a 100 tons. He appears in oceans around the globe. It is a 'pelagic species' that lives on the open sea. It is known that most species of the Blue Whale travel thousands of miles from the food areas around the poles to the nutritious areas around the equator. Like all whales, the Blue Whale is a predator. Despite the huge body, the whale feeds almost exclusively from small crustaceans that are not more than ten centimeters long. The adult specimens are so large that they do not have natural enemies. However, man has hunted the finfish on the scale of the flesh and fat since the end of the 19th century. In 1966 the hunt for the blue whales was forbidden. There was then less than 1 percent of the original population left. Currently, there are only 25,000 Blue Whales left worldwide.